Top 10 Health Care Careers

There are many different careers in health care, but these top 10 health care careers are the best choices of the moment. Considering factors such as job outlook, requirements for entry level positions, salary and benefits, this list includes the top 10 health care careers that are in demand today and will be around in the future:1. Physician assistants
2. Medical records technicians
3. Social workers
4. Clinical laboratory technicians
5. Mental health counselor
6. Medical scientists
7. Pharmacists
8. Physical therapists
9. Medical transcriptionists
10. Medical and health service managers.Physician assistants are high on the list of the top 10 healthcare jobs because they provide very important services such as diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive healthcare services as delegated by a physician. The requirements include two-year accredited education programs and the passage of a national exam, and the pay is typically around $63,000/year. Medical records technicians also have very important jobs, as they are in charge of maintaining and evaluating the accuracy of patient medical records. This job requires an associate’s degree, and the average annual salary is roughly $32,000/year before benefits and bonuses. The medical transcription job is another position that requires an associate’s degree and pays an annual salary in the $30,000s.Social workers and mental health counselors deal more with the mental health and well-being of patients. These jobs require four-year degrees or master’s degrees and pay $40,000-$58,000/year. Clinical laboratory technicians and medical scientists are involved in tests that result in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and research to provide information to develop solutions to human health problems. Lab techs need bachelor’s degrees and earn $27,000-$32,000/year, while scientists need at least a doctorate in a biological science and can earn $88,000-$103,000/year.Physical therapists help restore function, improve mobility and relieve pain for patients suffering from injuries and ailments. It requires at least a master’s degree and state licensing. They earn $53,000-$67,000 a year, while pharmacists can earn $100,000 annual salaries with bachelor’s degrees. The last job on the list, medical and health service manager, often requires a master’s degree in health sciences or administration, and pays $55,000-$68,000/year.